We stock a wide range of materials that are perfectly suited for laser cutting, engraving and printing.


Each material sample below is shown with cutting, engraving, black print, white print, colour print and colour print with a white layer underneath. These give you an accurate representation of how your final design will look on each material.

If there are any materials that you interested in but not listed here, please contact us to see if we can work with it.

Scroll down or click here, to see our selection of materials specially selected for CNC cutting.

Finnish Birch Plywood

We stock the highest quality Finnish Birch plywood available! We know this because we have it specially made for us to give the highest quality finish for laser cutting and colour printing.

Both surfaces are 'AB' quality veneers (which is the highest possible) and have a special glue line to give smoothest cleanest cut edge, light in colour and clean to the touch guaranteed! We also prepare each sheet before cutting and printing to have an ultra smooth surface. No cracks, no patches, no discolouration, no splinters!

Standard laser cutting companies use 'LitePly' or Laser plywood which is made of thicker and much lower quality veneers.

Our plywood is PEFC & FSC certified sustainably sourced. Made in Finland.


Acrylic plastic

Opaque acrylic in various bright colours. Both sides are high gloss.

Transparent acrylic plastic

Transparent and semi-transparent acrylic, both sides are high gloss.

Mirror acrylic plastic

Clear acrylic with a permanent coloured foil backing to give the mirror colour. Back side is grey in colour. 
Engraving and scribing is done from the back removing the mirror foil. Printing is on the top surface.

Glitter acrylic plastic

The thickness of these sheets may vary up to +/- 1mm.

Frost acrylic plastic

Frost acrylic is manufactured by Perspex in England, both sides have a smooth matte finish. Perfect for a high quality look and does not show fingerprints like standard glossy acrylic. All colours apart from black are semi-transparent.

Special acrylic plastic

Special range of acrylic for highly visual applications to create stunning effects.

Other materials

Selection of materials we work with every day but do not stock, and so must be supplied by the client.

If there is any materials that you would like to laser cut or engrave but cannot see them listed here, please feel free to email us and ask if we can laser cut or engrave the material. 

We now stock a wide range of materials specially selected to work with our CNC for the highest quality results.

With a maximum size of 2500x1600mm and thickness of up to 40mm CNC cutting is a great solution for interior & exterior signage, printed displays, graphics, artwork, furniture and more.