Even more cutting solutions with a 3,6Kw Zund digital CNC

With our Zund CNC we can cut a much larger selection of materials and thicknesses compared to laser cutting. Combining CNC cutting with our other digital printing & laser machines, allows us to offer the widest range of manufacturing solutions to our clients.

With a maximum size of 2500x1600mm and thickness of up to 40mm CNC cutting is a great solution for interior & exterior signage, printed displays, graphics, artwork, furniture and more.

We now stock a wide range of materials specially selected to work with our CNC for the highest quality results.


Check out our MATERIALS page for more information of all the materials we stock. 

For information on how to setup your files for printing & cutting please see our CREATE page.

Each material sample below is shown with cutting, engraving, black print, white print, colour print and colour print with a white layer underneath. These give you an accurate representation of how your final design will look on each material.

Below is our selection of materials especially for CNC cutting. If there are any materials that you interested in but not listed here, please contact us to see if we can work with it.